2018 – Open Session II

Open Session II
Monday, November 19, 1:00 – 3:30 p.m.

Copies of some of the papers are now available.

Andrew Gross, Catholic University of America, Presiding

Yael Landman, Brooklyn College (CUNY) and Gorgias Press
Marrying (Off) and Marginalization: Hagar and Ishmael in Light of Cuneiform Law (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)

Dylan Johnson, New York University
Between Clan and King: The Episode of the Wise Woman of Tekoa Reconsidered (2 Sam 14:2–24) (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)

Robert Kugler, Lewis & Clark College
Jews, Torah, and Legal Pluralism in Hellenistic Egypt: An Assessment (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)

Carmen Palmer, Toronto School of Theology
An Analysis of Female Gentile Conversion to Judaism through Marriage in the Temple Scroll (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)

John W. Welch, Brigham Young University
Seeing John 11:47–57 as the Jewish Trial of Jesus according to John (20 min)
Discussion (10 min)