2017 – Open Session I

Open Session I
Monday, November 20, 4:00-6:30 p.m.

Copies of some of the papers are now available.

Presider: Hannah Harrington, Patten University

Dylan Johsnon, New York University
The Biblical Rescript: The Convergence of Litigation and Legislation

William Morrow, Queen’s University
A Parallel to Jacob’s Treaty with Laban from Mari

Andrew Gross, Catholic University of America
And He Writes for Her a Bill of Divorcement: Legal Documents in the Ancient Near East as Dispositive Legal Instruments

Melissa Ramos, University of California-Los Angeles
Immigration Studies and the Resident Alien in Ugarit and Ancient Israel

Shalom E. Holtz, Yeshiva University
Why Confess in Prayer? Two Legal Proposals