2014 – Inner- and Extra-Biblical Connections to Pentateuchal Laws

Inner- and Extra-Biblical Connections to Pentateuchal Laws
Sunday, November 23, 1:00-3:30 p.m.


Copies of the papers are typically available ahead of time (in early November).

Presider: Shalom Holtz, Yeshiva University

Richard E. Averbeck, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
The Egyptian Sojourn and Deliverance from Slavery in the Framing and Shaping of the Mosaic Law

Melissa Ramos, University of California-Los Angeles
“You Shall Write on the Stones”: Deuteronomy 27 and the Inscribing of Ritual Curses

Klaus-Peter Adam, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago
Litigation and Feud: Conflict Settlement in the Law and in the Psalms

Alice Mandell, University of California-Los Angeles
Oral Law and the ‘Adoption’ of the Adoption Formula in Biblical Literature

Dale Patrick, Drake University
The Ethics of Biblical Law


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