2012 – The Law in Genesis 38 and Other Famous Narratives

The Law in Genesis 38 and Other Famous Narratives
Tuesday, November 20, 9:00-11:30 a.m.
McCormick Place North – 134



Copies of the full papers are typically available ahead of time (by November 1).


Presider: F. Rachel Magdalene, Universität Leipzig


Pamela Barmash, Washington University
Law and Literature: Genesis 38 as a Test Case


Eryl W. Davies, Bangor University
Judah, Tamar and the Law of Levirate Marriage


Hilary Lipka, University of New Mexico
Judah’s Sentence of Tamar in Genesis 38:24: An Example of Ancient Israelite Family Law?


Samuel Greengus, Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion
Looking for Laws in the Covenant with Abraham


Stephen C. Russell, Princeton Theological Seminary
Naboth’s Vineyard and Max Gluckman’s Hierarchy of Estates in Land



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