2008 – Deuteronomy

November 25, 9:00-11:30


Some presenters have agreed to post their papers on-line.

Presider: Bruce Wells, Saint Joseph’s University

Joshua Berman, Bar Ilan University
Who Was the Vassal King of the Sinai Covenant?

Raju Kunjummen, Michigan Theological Seminary
The Syntax of Conditionals in Deuteronomy and the Translation of wqatal (Consecutive Perfects)

Peter Altmann, Princeton Theological Seminary
Material Culture and the Symbolic Meaning of Meat in Deuteronomy 12

Alex Jassen, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
What Word Exactly Cannot Be Spoken? Isaiah 58:13 and the Sabbath Prohibition on Business
Related Speech in the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jubilees, and Rabbinic Literature

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