2006 Annual Meeting Sessions
Here are the participants, along with their paper titles, who presented papers at our 2006 sessions.

Richard Averbeck
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School
The Kingdom of Priests and Priests of the Kingdom

Assnat Bartor
Tel Aviv University
The Representation of Speech in the Casuistic Laws of the Pentateuch: The Phenomenon of “Combined Discourse”

Francis Borchardt
University of Helsinki
Deuteronomic Law in 1 Maccabees

Cythia Edenburg
The Open University of Israel
World of Ideology and Social Reality in the Deuteronomic Family Laws

Chaya Halberstam
Indiana University
The Land of Canaan, with Its Various Boundaries

Hannah K. Harrington
Patten University
What Does Gentile Impurity Mean in Ezra-Nehemiah?

Gerald A. Klingbeil
Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
“Not So Happily Ever After…”: Cross-Cultural Marriages in the Time of Ezra-Nehemiah

Sarianna Metso
University of Toronto
The Laws of Leviticus Employed in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Dalit Rom-Shiloni
Tel Aviv University
“The Law of Yahweh Is with Us”: Actualization of Legal Traditions in Early Sixth Century BCE Prophetic Literature

D. Andrew Teeter
University of Notra Dame
Rethinking the Ritual Significance of the “Base of the Altar” in LXX and the Temple Scroll:
On the Hermeneutics of a Halakhic Variant

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